Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is the Phillies rotation even the best this year, let alone of all time?

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Are they really better than the San Francisco Giants rotation? Just because they have hype doesn’t make them automatically better. I mean the Giants won the world series primarily with their rotation×10-photograph-2010-world-series-trophy_1fee73ae2659ed9e34a8f9a8c5b1929e.jpg . Until the Phillies can say the same, can you really assume that their starting rotation is the best?
The Giants staff has been “hot” the last 2-3 seasons. True Bumgarner is just a rookie right now, but he’s had better first year stats than either Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum did for the Giants. Sanchez just keeps getting better and better. And the rotation is far younger than the Phillies.
I think you’re right and that the Phillies have an amazing rotation, but to call them the best of all time, or better than the Giants seems a little presumptuous.

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