Thursday, December 30, 2010

(Playoff and Regular Season) MLB 2011 Predictions?

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Just follow suit!

Tampa Bay Rays 96-66 Something seems to be lacking in the AL East, and that’s the
Boston Red Sox 92-70 Yankees. Finishing just above .500, it seems it threw the entire
Toronto Blue Jays 86-76 division off. The Orioles as well made the division look like a
New York Yankees 84-78 joke. David Price leading the Rays however, brought Tampa Bay
Baltimore Orioles 54-102 to another division title.

Minnesota Twins 102-60 The entire Central Division is going to be dominant and pumped.
Detroit Tigers 93-69 with all-stars Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan back, the Twins
Chicago White Sox 90-72 are the team to beat. As well as the Tigers taking the Wildcard
Kansas City Royals 79-83 role, the Twins and Tigers may have a feirce postseason match.
Cleveland Indians 62-100

Los Angeles Angels 90-72 Without Cliff Lee the Texas Rangers go back
Texas Rangers (without Cliff Lee

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